Synergy® State is a scalable, centralized state-level student information and reporting system (SSIRS) that enables state education agencies (SEAs) to collect, aggregate, analyze, and report on data from local education agencies (LEAs) statewide. SEAs can extract and validate data from the SSIRS in real time as it is entered at the school level, accept it into the state Operational Data Store (ODS), and communicate it through dashboards, reports, and other applications. The Synergy State solution serves SEAs in which LEAs use a variety of different student information systems (SIS) as well as those in which all LEAs use Synergy SIS at the local level.

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Synergy for States

Synergy State Level ODS

Data from each LEA’s SIS is rolled up into the Synergy State solution’s Operational Data Store (ODS). Synergy State provides access to real-time and historical LEA data via an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

Electronic Student Data Transfer

The Synergy Student Data Transfer tool allows LEAs to transfer student data electronically to other LEAs regional or state edition of Synergy. Synergy State plays an intermediary role, facilitating the exchange process between LEAs.

Synergy serves 5 million students in more than 6,500 school districts across 21 states.

State-Level Reporting & Analytics

  • Demographics
  • Instructional Minutes/Days
  • Attendance
  • Exceptional Children
  • Homeless
  • Migrant
  • Transportation
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Health
  • IEP

Comprehensive Student Data Management Ecosystem for LEAs

Synergy Education Platform is an industry-leading student data management ecosystem for LEAs, built to fit the way educators already work. Synergy Education Platform provides seamlessly integrated student information management, learning management, MTSS, assessment, special education management, and analytics, as well as a suite of role-based native mobile apps for nearly every user type.