ParentVUE and StudentVUE powered by Synergy


The Synergy ParentVUE and StudentVUE portals give parents and students unprecedented web and mobile access to grades, assignments, and communication with teachers. And that’s just the beginning.

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A Direct Line to the Classroom, 24/7

Real-Time Information

Student information is only as helpful as it is current. That’s why parents and students can count on always seeing up-to-the-minute information.

  • Administrative Info
    See attendance and discipline records, conference visits, health office visits, immunization compliance, transcripts, graduation status, and more. District settings determine what parents can see and what students can see.
  • Calendar
    Look up school holidays, events and assignment due dates.
  • Class Schedule
    Check student schedules for course titles, rooms and teachers.
  • Class Website Access
    Stay up to date with what’s happening in the classroom.
  • Customizable Alerts
    Parents can opt in to get email notifications about school events, attendance, discipline incidents, or when a student performs below a specified grade.
  • Grades & Assessment Scores
    Parents and students can check performance right away to see whether the student is on track academically or if extra help may be needed. 
  • Online Learning Resources
    Parents and students can discover online resources recommended by a student’s teachers.

Tools to Get Things Done

Beyond simply checking assignments and grades, parents and students can accomplish tasks on their to-do lists.


  • Teacher Communication
    Built-in social media–style Streams make it easy to communicate with teachers.
  • Assessments & Tests
    Students can take online assessments and tests right in StudentVUE.
  • Course Requests
    Parent and students can see teacher recommendations, submit course requests, and have prerequisites automatically verified.
  • Digital Dropbox With Google Drive™ Integration
    Students can submit assignments to teachers using Digital Dropbox, with direct access to their work on Google Drive.
  • Digital Locker for Work in Progress
    Students can store all assignments in one place.
  • Fee Payment
    Parents can pay school fees anytime – no more checks.



  • Online Registration
    In districts with Synergy Online Registration, parents can access registration through the ParentVUE web portal.
  • Self-Serve Student Information Updates
    Parents can easily update details such as emergency contact or physician information.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

The ParentVUE and StudentVUE portals keep parents and students connected 24/7, no matter where life takes them.

  • Mobile Access (iOS & Android)
    Our mobile apps for parents and students accommodate families’ busy schedules – from work to afterschool activities and weekend events. Parents and students may also access the web-based portals at any time.
  • Single Sign-On
    Parents need just one login to see information for all of their children, regardless of school. Students can view all of their information in one place, even if they attend more than one physical or online campus.

Platformwide Integration

The ParentVUE and StudentVUE portals provide seamless access to accurate data from anywhere across the Synergy Education Platform.

  • Everything in One Place
    At the district’s discretion, parents and students can access information from any Synergy product in a single location. That includes student information, gradebook data, IEPs, class websites, calendars and more.
  • Language Support With Synergy Translation
    The Synergy translation engine enables districts to provide language support for diverse populations. Parents and students may select a language from a list of district-supported languages within the ParentVUE or StudentVUE web portal or mobile app.

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