Edupoint’s Implementation Services Team offers a variety of training options to help end users get more from the Synergy platform and to maximize benefits to the district, parents and students.

Synergy Training

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Effective Training to Fit Your District

Synergy Training Sessions

Synergy Training Sessions are designed to help new users get comfortable using Synergy for day-to-day and essential tasks. Role-based sessions ensure that attendees’ time is spent learning need-to-know skills that can be used right away.


Depending on the needs of each district, Synergy implementations may include a Train-the-Trainer component, which provides all end users with access to in-district expertise when they need it in the future.

Training Webinars

Users who are ready to go beyond what they learned in Synergy Training Sessions can register online for training webinars to deepen their knowledge of a particular module or application. Webinars are also great for refreshing or strengthening knowledge and skills.

Synergy Distance Learning Portal


Synergy's Distance Learning Portal is an online library of interactive video tutorials your staff can use anytime and anywhere to enhance their expertise and maximize the power of their Synergy system. We currently offer 25 complete training courses with over 100 lessons providing step-by-step demonstrations, voice-over narrations and on-screen text captions. Every lesson includes hands-on activities to help you practice your skills in a safe learning environment of Synergy and assessments to reinforce learning comprehension. Stay accountable by tracking user participation and metrics with a complete online reporting system. Whether it’s enriching the knowledge of existing staff or onboarding new hires, the portal provides ongoing professional development in a format that is a convenient, cost-effective alternative to in-person training. Topics include:

  • Synergy Navigation
  • Student Enrollment
  • Daily Attendance
  • Period Attendance
  • Discipline Incidents
  • Health
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Student Groups
  • Student Conferences
  • Student Programs & Accommodations
  • TeacherVUE Portal & TeacherVUE Gradebook

  • Student Course History
  • Mass Scheduling
  • Course Requests
  • Elementary Scheduling
  • Student Career Plans
  • Test History
  • Lockers
  • Fees
  • Query
  • Online Registration
  • New Year Rollover
  • Assessment

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LMS Professional Development Consulting Sessions

Our on-site Synergy Professional Development Consulting Sessions provide support for teachers and administrators implementing Synergy LMS and are tailored to the specific needs of your district. Using Synergy LMS, these sessions help attendees:

  • Learn how to align the tool to best practices in the classroom
  • Learn how to organize curriculum elements and target them by grade level, subject, or course so teachers can easily find and use what they need
  • Learn how organize the overwhelming number of digital content resources teachers have available to them and make them easy to find and distribute online
  • Know what actions to take in response to student data
  • Know what standards to spend more time on
  • Know when to use whole group vs. small group instruction
  • Know where to find quality resources for instruction and student learning
  • Understand the most effective classroom practices to share with other grade levels and school sites
  • Ensure that professional development time translates to student learning
  • Develop PLC approaches that leverage Synergy to collect meeting results, and share those results with key stakeholders from within the Synergy environment


LMS Professional Development Consulting Session topics include:

  • Planning Implementation Timelines
  • LMS Training for Staff
  • LMS Support for State Standards
  • Best Practices in Student Assessment
  • What to Do With All That Data

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