K-12 education is an inherently social endeavor, and it’s the people – the educators, students, and families – who make the learning happen. Synergy plays a supporting role, facilitating the communication and collaboration needed to power that learning, eliminating unnecessary data management tasks and solutions, and connecting you with meaningful, actionable data. 

Thriving Students

Give students the information and resources they need to be accountable for their learning.

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Empowered Teachers

Simplify everyday tasks for teachers with a single, easy-to-use interface that provides all the tools they need to help students achieve. 

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Engaged Parents

Provide the tools and information parents need to stay connected with their child’s education. 

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Streamlined Administration

Work smarter not harder, with automation, flexible workflows, notifications, and so much more.

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Simplified Compliance

Stay on top of deadlines and adhere to reporting rules to meet compliance requirements and maximize funding. 

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Accessible Data

Put data in, get it out, and use it when and how you want to. Synergy offers a variety of data access tools to match the needs of all skill levels and roles. 

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Turbocharged Tech Teams

Lighten your technology staff’s workload and give them unmatched flexibility and tools to streamline your district’s student data management. 

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Response to COVID-19

Keep students learning with features that support both onsite and remote instruction, including a daily student health survey, video conference integration, online content and courses, student check-in, time tracking, contact tracing, and more.

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