Synergy Education Platform

Synergy Online Registration makes school registration and re-enrollment easier for parents, saves time for staff, lowers printing and postage costs, and improves the quality, completeness, and timeliness of student data. Plus, as part of the seamless Synergy Education Platform, Synergy Online Registration automatically creates a complete, real-time enrollment record in Synergy SIS when a student is accepted, so there’s no need to integrate or sync systems or manually move data.

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A Better Way to Register & Re-Enroll K-12 Students for School


Simplify Registration & Re-Enrollment for Parents

Parents can register students online anytime and anywhere, ending inconvenient trips to the district office. 

  • Instant Login
    Parents new to the district can create a ParentVUE account and start the registration process immediately. No special login is required from the district. 
  • Family Registration
    Synergy connects student and parent records, so shared information such as address and phone number can be entered just one time and populate records for the entire family.
  • Multi-Language Support 
    The Synergy Online Registration interface offers support for 20+ languages. 
  • Document Uploads & Form Approvals
    Parents can upload required documents, eliminating the need to visit the district office. Similarly, authorizations such as information releases and field trip participation forms can be approved online.
  • School Preferences
    Parents can select preferred schools and order of preference.
  • Visual Progress & Completion Indicators  
    Parents can easily track how far they have progressed through each section and verify when a section is complete.
  • Pause & Resume 
    Data is automatically saved by the system, so parents can exit before the form is complete and pick up later where they left off if time is limited or they need to locate documents.
  • Printing 
    Parents can review and print the student’s completed form before submitting. 
  • Status Monitoring
    Parents may log back in at any time to check registration status. When the registration has been processed, parents receive an email notifying them of the district’s decision.
  • Fast and Easy Re-Enrollment 
    Parents can verify re-enrollment info with just a few clicks. Pre-filled re-enrollment forms enable quick review and simple updates to student information as needed. 

Save Time for Staff

District staff review completed registration records online. No printing, distribution, or management of paper registration packets required.

  • Address & Boundary Validation
    Quickly validate addresses and confirm them as residential with Google Maps™ mapping service.

  • Document Collection & Storage 
    Districts can collect required documents from parents online – such as a birth certificate and proof of address.
  • Immunization Validation
    Synergy immediately validates immunization dates and captures important details about allergies, medical conditions and required medications.
  • Digital Authorizations
    Parent consent for field trips, information releases, and more can be captured and stored during the registration process.
  • Registration Flags
    When a registration record requires special consideration, a flag appears in the queue indicating the reason: ELL, discipline history, health condition, special education or re-enrollment. A record may be assigned more than one flag.
  • Queues
    Staff can view boundary status, registration flags, and enrollment statistics alongside the registration queue to help accelerate the review and decision-making process.
  • Automated Approval & Processing
    Districts can automate the approval and processing workflow for all registration data.
  • Auto Alerts to Key Stakeholders
    Automatic notifications alert designated user groups – such as special education, ELL, or health teams – about incoming students.

Customize the Enrollment Process

Synergy Online Registration is equipped with off-the-shelf customization capabilities that meet the unique needs of most school districts.

  • Adaptive Forms
    Adaptive forms enable districts to deliver different form flows for different types of students. They can be used to trigger school override selections for English Language Learners, for example, or to request IEP information for students with a Special Services flag.
  • Modifications to Existing Screens
    Instructions and user-defined fields can be added to existing registration screens, while screens that are not needed can be hidden.
  • New Screens
    New screens can be created to further customize the registration process to match district needs. 

Capture the Highest Quality Data

Safeguards in the registration process help districts maintain complete, accurate and secure student records in real time. 

  • Required Fields
    Districts may mark any field “Required” to ensure that parents provide all necessary information before submitting the student registration.
  • Pre-Filled Forms
    Parents who are re-enrolling students start with pre-populated fields to avoid the creation of duplicate records and data inconsistencies. 
  • Read-Only Fields
    Prevent editing of fields that should not be changed when students re-enroll, such as birth date. 
  • Duplicate Prevention
    Enrollment records are created only when students are accepted. The system checks for duplicate records during the Accept process, generates a warning when duplicates are detected, and can be set to allow or prevent the duplicate enrollment. 
  • Secure Data
    Synergy provides the highest level of privacy and security in compliance with FERPA and HIPAA requirements.