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Whether you’re new to Synergy or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s always something more to discover. Take a CRC Training Session to expand your knowledge and skills or discover how your current implementation can be extended to do more.

Learn Something New

Deepen your knowledge of Synergy Education Platform with our convenient, no-cost CRC training webinars.
Choose from a variety of topics to address your specific learning needs and develop new expertise.

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Find Community

With our cloud-based Synergy Community, you have an anytime, anywhere connection to Synergy users and Edupoint staff providing community product support. Accessed via HelpDesk, your Synergy Community home page shows you the latest posts relevant to your interests and job role. You can ask and answer questions, search and filter existing questions and answers, and subscribe to specific subject areas for notifications about updates. Synergy work products—including dashboard widgets and queries—may also be shared with other users, and then rated and reviewed by the community. For access to Synergy Community, please contact your district Synergy administrator.

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Our annual Synergy CONNECT Users Conference provides new and veteran Synergy users with opportunities to discover the latest Synergy product features, get in-depth information on Synergy modules, receive one-on-one instruction from Edupoint subject matter experts in the Open Forum, and network with Synergy users from other districts. Synergy CONNECT features offerings for every user type and experience level, including breakout sessions covering the entire Synergy Education Platform, hands-on sessions, and pre-Conference training sessions. Join us for the next Synergy CONNECT Users Conference and connect with products, trends, and people at the forefront of K-12 student, instructional, and special education data management. You will leave the Users Conference energized and prepared to maximize your Synergy investment.

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Can Synergy...?

Synergy Education Platform is constantly evolving to meet customer needs, with a continuous release of new features throughout the year. Customers who have been with us a while are often surprised and delighted to discover that the latest Synergy enhancements are exactly what they need to achieve their latest goals. If there’s something new you would like your implementation to do, contact the Customer Resource Center for help.

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