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RSU #74 Becomes First Maine District to Select Synergy

Edupoint Educational Systems has been selected by RSU #74 to implement their industry-leading Synergy Education Platform to meet the district’s  student information, learning management and assessment needs. RSU #74 is the first school administrative unit (SAU) in Maine to select Synergy since Edupoint was selected by the Maine Department of Education as the sole provider of a State Level Student Information and Reporting System (SSIRS) to aggregate data from all SAUs for Maine’s 180,000 students.

RSU #74, located in central Maine, supports students from the towns of Anson, Embden, New Portland, North Anson and Solon across four campuses. The district has selected Synergy Education Platform to replace its existing PowerSchool system with a solution that is seamlessly integrated from the ground up for full interoperability. RSU #74 will be implementing a rich combination of available Synergy Education Platform components, including Synergy SIS, TeacherVUE® with Gradebook, the ParentVUE and StudentVUE portals, LessonVUE Curriculum Management and Synergy Assessment. With the Synergy platform, RSU #74 will enjoy the most powerful SIS in K-12, comprehensive assessment, learning and curriculum management, analytics, and role-based mobile applications, while benefiting from real-time systemwide data connections that help improve administrative processes and learning outcomes. In addition, by choosing a hosted solution, the district will be able to utilize Synergy in the cloud, which will not only eliminate the need for IT staff to focus on day-to-day hardware maintenance but will also provide continuous monitoring of the district environment, all while still having backend access to the Synergy database. 

“We are pleased to welcome RSU #74 as our first Synergy district partner in Maine,” says Bob Weathers, Founder & CEO of Edupoint.  “Synergy will provide RSU #74 with a single solution for teachers, administrators, students and parents, promoting collaboration and improving student data reporting accuracy and student learning outcomes. We look forward to streamlining the student information and learning management experience for RSU #74 and future Maine SAUs as we continue our partnership with the State to provide Synergy in a cost-effective manner to help improve student success.”

RSU #74 is planning a phased implementation of the full Synergy Education Platform with the SIS fully operational in August 2016.

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