As thought leaders in the world of student information systems, our senior executives have set the standard for K-12 student data management solutions for over thirty years. Our commitment is simple: provide innovative, forward-thinking software solutions matched with responsive, expert customer service and support.

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Edupoint Leadership Team


Bob Weathers

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

With almost forty years in the education industry, Bob has built a reputation as a technology innovator and a champion of high-quality customer support. To say education technology is his passion is an understatement. It’s really his way of life.

After his start as an IT Director for a large K-12 school district, Bob left to do what he does best. He started a company with a mission to improve the way school districts did business, and set his sights on building a team of the best possible minds and innovators to assist him. After succeeding in his first venture, he did it again, culminating with the world’s most successful student information system to date. But that wasn’t enough for Bob. When he founded Edupoint, he wanted to do something truly unique – create a company whose purpose was to continually innovate, and, at the same time, deliver the highest quality ongoing support to ensure long term success for the company and his customers. His personal mantras – “Customer First, Always” and “Do the Right Thing” – have become guiding Edupoint philosophies.