Synergy Learning Management System (LMS) dramatically simplifies everything on a teacher’s to-do list so teachers can focus on student learning and achievement, not on managing technology. Synergy LMS facilitates classroom management, centralizes and organizes curriculum, content and assessments, and features a robust gradebook at its core. Powerful data analysis provides real-time insights to support teachers in personalizing instruction and tracking mastery on standards. Plus, as part of the seamless Synergy Education Platform, there’s no need to integrate or sync with other systems. Your data is already where it needs to be, with up-to-the-minute accuracy.

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Your One-Stop Teaching & Learning Management Platform


Access to Proven Instructional Resources With LessonVUE®

A centralized, standards-aligned curriculum repository stores districtwide curriculum elements and helps teachers easily find and use the best lesson plans and resources for every student.

Digital Content Management & Sharing With LessonVUE

Digital Content Pages enable the rapid creation of powerful class websites and content libraries. Save and organize digital content resources, add text and discussion streams, organize into pages or libraries, and share with any group or individual for viewing directly in Synergy.

Online Course Delivery

LessonVUE supports the creation of complete, interactive online courses for distance learning. Authors can organize content and add prerequisites and other conditions to define the instructional sequence and optimize learning for students. Courses can be built from new or existing content – including rich media from YouTube and other online sources, as well as embedded content from Google Drive™ and Microsoft® Office.

Standards-Aligned Assessment With Synergy Assessment

Create assessments with just a few clicks, aligned with standards, stored centrally for districtwide access, and administered within the student portal. Instant results help teachers track student progress on standards, identify students who need additional help, and automatically provide immediate performance feedback in the parent and student portals. 

Real-Time Data Analysis & Reporting

Data analysis in Synergy LMS highlights patterns and data points that educators can use not only to improve instructional decision making, but also to inform district improvement initiatives, curriculum decisions and resource allocations. Role-based access shows teachers performance insights for their students and classes, while administrators have access to wider-angle views including school site and district performance.

TeacherVUE Portal With Robust Gradebook

With Synergy LMS, teachers manage their classroom and their student’s learning from the powerful TeacherVUE® Portal. One login connects them with every tool for every task they need to accomplish, whether it’s a daily task like taking attendance or a once-in-a-while event like generating report cards. The gradebook offers unparalleled depth, with highly flexible grading options and powerful tools that streamline administrative processes so teachers have more time to support student learning. 

Google Drive™ Integration

Google Drive integration makes it easy to move files directly from Google Drive into Digital Dropbox and Digital Content Pages. When teachers enable assignment uploads through Digital Dropbox, students can upload Google Drive documents right from the StudentVUE web portal. Synergy captures a snapshot of the file for the teacher to annotate and grade, preventing students from making changes after turning in the assignment. Google Drive files can also be selected and uploaded into Digital Content Pages without leaving Synergy LMS. 

Communication & Collaboration Tools 

Built-in communication and collaboration tools encourage the exchange of information and ideas, support co-teaching, and make it easier to connect and converse online with staff, parents and students.

Parent & Student Engagement Portals

Increase parent involvement and boost student accountability with anytime, anywhere access to the information and tools they need. 


Seamless Data Connections

Synergy data flows to all the right places in real time, eliminating the need for duplicate data entry, freeing up time for teachers, and providing deeper insights into student learning. 

Success in Marana USD, AZ

Success in Marana USD, AZ

With Synergy LMS, Marana USD found one solution to two challenges: keeping up with changing assessment expectations driven by the Common Core, and delivering value to students in a 1:1 initiative spawned by a local bond fund.