Edupoint’s Customer Resource Center (CRC) offers ongoing webinar training events as part of our commitment to provide ongoing professional development opportunities for our customers. These no-cost sessions provide you and your staff the opportunity to enhance your expertise and strengthen your knowledge of the entire Synergy Education Platform.

Synergy Technology (ST) Development Training

Next Session: February 7-9, 2017

***More information coming soon***

Edupoint is pleased to offer training for the Synergy Technology (ST) Development environment, which will help your staff learn how to customize the Synergy platform to meet your individual district needs. The training sessions will cover the various aspects of the development process with regards to the Synergy platform and how to extend existing functionality and create new features and reports. At the conclusion of the training, participants will be prepared to create new custom enhancements for your district solutions. These three-day training sessions take place at Edupoint's offices in Mesa, AZ.

Who Should Attend?

  • District development staff who will be working on your enhancements, who should be familiar with how the district manages their computing resources.
  • Participants must be familiar with object oriented programming – C# with .NET, Visual Studio, and SQL – and have coding knowledge.

The file here contains assessments for Visual Studio solutions, which cover basic C# programming skills. If you are not able to complete these with confidence, you might not fully reap the benefits of the ST Development Training sessions. Please consider your performance on these assessment documents before signing up for training. Each folder contains an "Instructions.txt" file with information on how to proceed with the assessment.

What is Covered?

  • An introduction to customizing Synergy using functionality provided within the base Synergy application.
  • How to use the Designer tool to create new data objects, views, and reports using graphical tools with basic drag-and-drop definitions.
  • Coding examples to further customize and extend the features created in Designer

Training will be conducted on virtual machines in Edupoint’s training lab, where all the necessary tools will be provided. Participants should bring a thumb-drive so they may copy off their sample code once training is completed. Participants may bring their own laptop to the training session to work directly with district data – contact us for details.

Registration Information

Cost for the three day Synergy Technology Development Training is $900/person, which takes place at Edupoint’s Mesa, AZ offices. If your district has ST Training time available, it is possible to apply those hours for this training. Please contact your implementation project manager to make arrangements. Sessions are limited to 15 attendees, which will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us for further information regarding Synergy Technology Development Training sessions.