At Edupoint we look at student information management in a whole new light. We see data management as a means to an end, and have designed a suite of solutions to empower educators with insightful data like never before. Without any extra effort, your SIS can be all things to all people. Online Registration. Learning Management. Assessment Analytics. IEP Compliance. Curriculum Management. Oh, and of course all the powerful SIS functions you’ve come to expect from a world-class student information system.

Student Information System

Synergy offers the industry’s richest SIS feature set, plus a highly customizable framework, including workflows, to meet your district’s individual needs. Streamline processes, automate state reporting and simplify administrative tasks district-wide.


Special Education Management

Much more than a simple IEP writer, Synergy SE provides robust collaboration tools and customized workflows to streamline the special education process. The visual timeline dashboards help staff members ensure compliance against state and federal regulations.


Gradebook and Instructional Management

Synergy’s gradebook helps teachers measure student performance against standards, easily analyzing student achievement levels via customizable performance bands and integrated achievement graphs and dashboards.



Parent and Student Communication

Powerful web portals and mobile applications ensure parents and students have real-time information about what’s happening in the classroom, including current grades. With features like teacher web-pages, digital dropboxes, and automated alerts, engaging parents has never been easier.


Curriculum and Learning Management

Manage district curriculum, including alignment to Common Core, and assess resources to ensure the effectiveness of what’s being taught. Customize curriculum maps to define what’s being taught, and provide online access to resources to parents.


Mobile Applications

Synergy’s integrated mobile apps take 24/7, anywhere access to a new level. These role-based apps—for administrators, teachers, parents, students, and health professionals—provide access to the information each user needs, when and where they need it. (PLACEHOLDER TEXT)


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