As thought leaders in K-12 student information management, the founders of Edupoint have set the standard for SIS solutions for almost thirty years. Our innovative solutions have been used by thousands of schools to manage millions of students.


About Edupoint


About Our Clients

  • 5,000 schools served
  • Clients include charter schools, regional service centers, and statewide implementations
  • Managing data for many of the country’s largest 100 districts
  • Synergy User Community is 6 million people strong

About Our Staff

  • 150+ staff members
  • 600+ years combined K-12 experience
  • Office locations in AZ, CA, MA, MI, MD, UT, VA
  • World class credentials

Our History of Innovation

Edupoint’s founder, Bob Weathers, has dedicated his life to K-12 student information management. Beginning as an IT Director for a large California school district, Bob created his first administrative software product for schools in the 1970s, and went on to develop several commercially successful K-12 software systems over the decades. He was an original developer of SASI and SASIxp, one of the all-time best-selling SIS solutions in the world. Bob, together with Tom McGrew, Edupoint’s Chief Technology Officer, and Rob Wilson, Edupoint’s President and Chief Innovation Officer, provide active thought leadership and steer the company as it follows in Bob’s legacy of success. 

Our Mission

Edupoint’s mission, like the company itself, has evolved over the years. No longer are we simply focused on the management and reporting of student data, though that remains a core competency and focus. We recognize that today’s technologically advanced solutions must do much more than simply manage data. The true power of data comes when it is shared, real-time, with those that can use the information to inform decisions. And as such, our mission has expanded, to focus on harnessing both student and instructional data to inform teaching, increase collaboration and positively impact student success.


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We're expanding the boundaries of the traditional SIS, and blurring the lines between student information systems and learning management systems, not just because we can, but because it makes sense.  Building on the tools used every day in Synergy by teachers, administrators, students and parents, we are building synergies, increasing collaboration, and informing decisions along the way.  The result is powerful, and it's transforming the way schools and districts operate.

-Bob Weathers, Founder & CEO, Edupoint